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Introduction to Wargaming (Wargaming 101)

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The purpose of this page is to provide a basic introduction to professional wargaming:

Introduction to Wargaming - a short primer (start here!).

Wargaming: Introductory Lectures with Tom Mouat. Introductory "print and Play" games:

Take That Hill!: A very short and simple open board wargame to teach the value of "fire and movement" to students.
Take That Hill! On-line A shareable version on Google Slides allowing the game to be played remotely.

The Sandhurst Kriegsspiel: A short and simple double-blind Kriegsspiel, used at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, to practice Platoon level attacks. The links below will allow you to run the game remotely over the internet with just a web browser and a video conferencing application. If you don't have one already, try Jitsi Meet (It is free, runs in a browser and doesn't need an account). Ebola in Town, a crisis game (rather than a war game). Kazhdyy Gorod: An introductory Matrix Game. Bomber! A simple asymmetrical closed game, based on the child's game "Battleships", designed for a Westminster University Politics Class (possibly more correctly titled "Battleships Collateral Damage"). Linked below is a far more sophisticated version of the game, designed to be run remotely, by UK Fight Club, demonstrating that even a simple game can be modified to bring out more advanced concepts when targeting the game for a specific audience.
Some links to free resources to allow you to play games on-line, using a browser only (no downloads needed):
  • Google Slides: Used in the "Editable" mode, you can set the game map as the slide background, and use images for the pieces, and all the players can move counters on the map independently.
  • Jitsi Meet: A free, open source, video conferencing tool, usable on almost all web browsers.
  • A free, browser based chat tool. You can set up as many channels as you need for player communications.
  • RollDiceWithFriends: A free, shared, dice roller tool.
Some Professional Wargaming Reading: War on the Rocks articles:
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