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This is the website for Connections UK, an event in the UK similar to the annual 'Connections' conference held in the US. See the Connections US website to get a flavour. Matt Caffrey, the US organiser, is delighted that we extend the 'franchise' and has generously provided his help and support.

Purpose. The purpose of the event is to bring professional wargame practitioners together to share what we are doing and spread best practice. To quote Professor Phil Sabin (Kings College London): 'the trouble is at present that there is too little awareness of what other individuals are doing, and we are losing in terms of mutual support and the sharing of good practice.'

Aim. The aim of Connections (UK) and Connections is 'To advance and sustain the art, science and application of wargaming'

Target audience. A mix of: military wargame users; military wargaming practitioners (designers and analysts); and academics. Beyond that we see selected invitees from industry and recreational wargaming. Example organisations that might be interested include: Dstl, DCDC, The Defence Academy (e.g. JSCSCS, RCDS), the Warfare Centres, various universities, QinetiQ, Corda, GD etc. We anticipate that, as wargame practitioners, everyone will have experiences and good practice to share; so we expect participation! We are working closely with our other professional wargaming partners all over the world (see the Links page).

LinkedIn Group. We maintain a LinkedIn Group here

Cost. Connections UK is not a money-making enterprise; it is a service to the wargaming community. Charges will be as small as possible, sufficient to cover food, venue and whatever minimal administration is required.

Dates. The 2016 dates are 06 to 08 September 2016.

Booking. Bookings are only available until 15 Aug 16 (despite what the website says) from King's College..

Location. After much debate, the 2016 location will be Kings College London, but this year we are planning to have use of the Great Hall as well as the Theatre.

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